Friday, November 11, 2005

Steps to Baby's Development

Your baby will begin their natural cycle on their Native Path the day they are born. You can learn how to work with their cycle of time if you are aware of what it is. Working against the flow of this natural cycle can create tension and resistance between child and parent. Wouldn't it be fun to know when they are in a creativity mode (cycle 3) or when they are in a need for security mode which is a (cycle 4).

You can train children year by year, according to the energy vibration of their natural cycle using age appropriate methods. Understanding where your child is in their natural cycle, is understanding your child’s needs during that period of time. If you work with the natural cycle you are not so apt to encounter as much resistance from your child to comply with your rules. If you have a tendency to use training methods that never change from year to year it encourages resistance. The child says under their breath, “I’ve been there- done that, it is no longer necessary for me to learn in that way. I need a change.”

Numerology helps you as parents to know what rules are good for which phase of development in children. It is best to understand that each of your children may be at a different phase in their individual cycle of development. You will need to focus on varied methods with each child. Your child deserves to be recognized as the individual that they are.

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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Thinking of Names for Baby?

Are you aware that planning your baby’s name according to numerological energies can prepare your baby for a successful life?

When you are pregnant you feel this new baby’s energy within you and as a part of you, but what will this soul’s energy be when it stands alone after the cord is cut? The new baby carries some of both parents’ energies and also needs to develop its own unique energy.

Choosing a name unique to your baby, combined with the time in which he/she is born, will enhance the supportive energies helping him/her to develop and move forward in a positive and self confident way.

2005 is number 7 energy, so names with a seven vibration will work well with the current energies supporting your baby. It will be a welcoming energy for your baby to enter this world. And 8 is the vibration for 2006.

For example let’s look at the top 10 most popular baby names and their numerological energy.

The energy in a person’s first name depicts the goals that are set into motion for this person to strive towards. Although the entire name‘s energy (first, middle, last) is figured in a full numerological reading.

If you know the due date of your child’s birth you can match the name number to the Native Path number to enhance and amplify your child’s chance of a success life path. This is easier with a scheduled caesarian section birth. For example, if your baby’s delivery will be 11/3/2005 their Native Path or Life Path or Destiny Number will be 3 therefor, a name like Madison that figures to a 3 would enhance and amplify her chances for success in life.

Here is the breakdown of the 10 most popular boys and girls names according to the energy number they carry.








8’s (NONE)


You will notice that many of the popular names are a two vibration. The reason for this is that we are now in the energy of two more and feel it stronger ever since we crossed the millennium line of 2000. The two with all those zeroes amplifying it, causes an unconscious leaning toward the number two energy. Also, notice that none of the popular names were an eight vibration, but the nick names of Andrew and William [Andy and Bill] were.

Be conscious of possible nick names when you are picking out a name for your baby, keeping in mind that when they are 50 and in the office of president of the USA they might not want Johnny as their formal birth name.

The physical goals per number are:

  1. Sense of independence, desire to be a leader.
  2. A desire to relate with others in friendship and fellowship.
  3. Self-expression, out-going, originality and creativity
  4. Ambition to work taking responsibility for oneself and to persevere.
  5. Freedom of choice and a sense of personal freedom to communicate.
  6. Responsibility toward home and family; appreciating beauty in all things.
  7. Deep urge to seek knowledge and understanding without isolating
  8. Compulsion to be successful and own material things.
  9. Need to feel universal love for humanity through spirituality.

Sometimes parents want their children to accomplish or be what they could not be when they were growing up. At other times, your children will come in with energy to show you how to be what you need to be or accomplish in this lifetime. If you can honor your children as your teachers, you will both evolve to a higher vibration this time around.

Once your child is born and you have the full birth name and exact date of birth including the time, a personal year development chart can be prepared to help you know what your child is working to develop during each of the first nine years. Each child is unique, it all depends on their birth date.

© 2005 Darlene Chadbourne

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